Cotton Industry

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This specially designed education pack, aimed at Key Stages 1-3, covers the development of the Cotton Industry in Greater Manchester, and its importance to people’s lives, and the development of the area.

It includes photographic sources taken from the Documentary Photography Archive and from our extensive archival resources.

The pack includes a personal account from a “little piecer” in a cotton mill (with thanks to the North West Sound Archive ), a copy of an indenture for a young apprentice in the cotton trade (dated 1819), and a poster of rules to be observed in the mill (with thanks to Oldham Local Studies and Helmshore Textile Museum.) There are many activities designed to stimulate learning, and cultivate an interest in history and an understanding of the importance of original source material. There are also notes for teachers and suggested answers to the questions in the pack.

This pack is designed to fit in with the National Curriculum requirements for Key Stages 1-3, relating to Victorian England and Local History studies.

It includes original sources, with questions and activities designed to stimulate learning. It is hoped that the use of original sources in our education packs will promote the use of archives in the classroom.

This is the first in a series of similar packs, covering Workhouses, Lunatic Asylums, Transport and Local Newspapers in Victorian times.

The cotton industry pack is a Adobe PDF document (Cotton Industry) and is 1.3 Megabytes in size.

It can be downloaded by clicking on the right hand mouse button on the above link and choosing “Save Target As” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Netscape Communicator)

Posted by Cameron Lord